BYOB to the Oasis!

One of the things guests love most about the Arcade experience is the ability to bring your own beer (or wine) to a show. Starting in June, you can now BYOB to our outdoor shows at the Trust Oasis.


In order to enhance the guest experience, Arcade Comedy Theater will permit patrons over the age of 21 at our outdoor Oasis weekend shows to BYOB if they choose. In order to keep our events comfortable and safe for everyone, we will be making history as the first comedy show with a 2-drink maximum. 2 beers, 2 White Claws, 2 glasses of wine, etc per person. Absolutely no hard liquor permitted.

All guests will be carded to ensure you are 21 or older, and no sharing of beverages is permitted to anyone without a wristband. We are limiting the number of drinks per guest, per event to ensure all current safety precautions stay in place.

Also please note: the Arcade Oasis outdoor location does NOT have public restrooms. Due to the Oasis being an outdoor location and open-container laws, the Arcade must ensure all drinks are disposed of before guests depart.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you enforce a 2-drink maximum?

This policy is one that relies on a collaborative relationship between Arcade and our guests, in which we work together to navigate a positive experience for everyone (staff, artists, and guests). Our goal is to make attending an Oasis show a little more fun and festive, without worrying about overly intoxicated behavior from anyone. Our volunteer staff on site will ask to see what drinks you’ve brought to the show, and make sure you understand the policy before taking your seat. Anyone who is aggressive or belligerent with Arcade staff at any point will be asked to leave the Oasis immediately, without a refund.

How did you decide on 2 drinks?

We thought it might be catchy and easy to remember, with so many comedy clubs having a “2-drink minimum.” It is an arbitrary line, yes; we are doing our best to be cautious as we slowly return to previous Arcade amenities. Also, our Oasis shows are generally shorter in duration than our indoor shows, so we feel this is a suitable limit.

What kinds of alcohol are permitted?

Beer bottles, cans, wine bottles, cider, malt beverages, alcoholic seltzers, etc. NO hard liquor of any kind. NO coolers.

How much does BYOB cost?

Arcade will charge a $3 per person fee to BYOB. All guests choosing to BYOB will receive a wristband and will be carded.

Are guests under the age of 21 allowed to attend an Oasis show?

Yes! While guests may BYOB, we are not a bar. Anyone choosing to BYOB will be carded and given a wristband, and no one under 21 or without a wristband may consume alcohol while on Arcade premises.

Note: most of our comedy shows are adult in nature, so parents can decide for themselves if they want to bring a younger guest.

Does Arcade provide cups, openers, etc?

Yes, we will have a limited number of cups, as well as beer/wine openers for guest use.

Do you serve food?

Arcade sells a limited variety of of boxed candy, along with bottled water and canned soda, but no, there is no full food service. Eating food at our tables, such as take-out from a nearby restaurant is prohibited.

Do you have public restrooms?

Unfortunately, the outdoor Oasis space does not have a restroom. Please consider this before arriving and while you drink!