Upcoming Shows

Pittsburgh Improv Jam

Jan 26 at 7:30PM

Join the Well Known Strangers as they host the Pittsburgh Improv Jam, a now-monthly jam presented at the Arcade Comedy Theater and open to all performers! Each month, performers can sign up to be randomly placed on an improv ensemble team that will exist for just one night only.

Tickets $7 Pay as you wish | Ages 16+

B!tch Please

Jan 27 at 8:00PM

Ice Queen Edition: The temperatures are frosty and so are the B words this month. Come celebrate the snowy, chilly, attitudes of ice queens from Elsa to Karen (that b you work with who never remembers her sweater). So you might want to bring a coat because it’s about to get ice cold, which really can’t be helped with ladies this cool.
Tickets $15 | $10 student rush | Ages 16+

Chris & Matty's Champagne Social Club

Jan 27 at 9:30PM

A variety show that blends together the magic of the speak easy experience with the smokey and tantalizing atmosphere of your favorite comedy show. Join your hosts Chris Duvall & Matty Frances as you journey through a night of comedy and music that only happens once and only happens here. This month’s Champagne Social Club Members include Holly Skynet (Jennifer Holz), Stand-up Comedy By Melanie White, Improv by Kevin’s Garage, and Featuring a music set by the one and only Kid Mental! We’ll see you at the club.

Tickets $15 | $10 student rush | Ages 16+

Parental Adversary Improv Show

Jan 28 at 8:00PM

Three of Pittsburgh’s most parentally adverse improv teams take the stage to perform improvised comedy inspired by your suggestions. Featuring Sleepover, Step-Daddy New Year, and Barbara, a Mother herself.

Tickets $15 | $10 student rush | Ages 16+

Knights of the Arcade: Epic D&D Comedy Show

Jan 28 at 9:30PM

Roll the dice with this award-winning Dungeons and Dragons-inspired comedy show! Geek out as the audience inspires a new quest every month and our loveably-crass adventurers get themselves into a heap of trouble. A must-see show for fans of board games, pop culture, and plastic swords.

Tickets $15 | $10 student rush | Ages 16+

Stand Up Laboratory

Feb 3 at 9:30PM

The Stand-Up Laboratory is a new incubator space presented by Arcade Comedy Theater. Every month, the Lab will present a mix of feature comics and a roster of comedians chosen from online submissions. Hosted by Ellen Lundie!
Tickets $10 | $5 student rush | FREE BYOB

Irony City

Feb 4 at 8:00PM

Arcade Comedy Theater presents a monthly improv comedy show by the veteran performance troupe Irony City! Join them the first Saturday of each month as they bring you a night of totally made-up comedy inspired by audience suggestions.
Tickets $15 | $10 student rush

Level Up Stand-Up

Feb 4 at 9:30PM

Arcade Comedy Theater’s popular stand-up comedy showcase, Level Up Stand-Up, is back! Featuring some of Pittsburgh’s best comics alongside up-and-coming and touring comics.
Tickets $15 | $10 student rush

Comedy Royale

Feb 10 at 8:00PM

An Arcade classic: host Matt Hartman returns with his knock-down, drag-out improv comedy competition! See four performers go head to head in a series of improv comedy games, with the audience voting for the winner.
Tickets $15 | $10 student rush

Blue Light Special: Throwback Show!

Feb 10 at 9:30PM

In honor of Arcade turning 10 years old, take a trip back to our original stand-up comedy showcase show: Blue Light Special. Hosted by Shannon Norman and featuring headliner Ed Bailey, special guest Derek Minto, and more.
Tickets $15 | $10 student rush

BIPOCalypse Improv Show

Feb 11 at 8:00PM

Part of Arcade Comedy Theater’s Black History Month celebration! See a short form improv comedy show featuring The Global Majority. Produced by Nia Johnson.
Tickets $15 | $10 student rush

Bracket Night: Best Break-Up Song

Feb 17 at 8:00PM

Bracket Night @ Arcade returns for a monthly, interactive game show where the audience and panelists get to decide the BEST STUFF. Each month, you’ll see six comedians duke it out in a battle of opinions as pop culture, food, and other stuff move through a competitive bracket. You’re in on the act too as the audience votes from their seats until a winner is determined!
Tickets $15 | $10 student rush | Ages 16+

Jerome And...

Feb 24 at 9:30PM

There’s “Yes &” and then there’s “Jerome &”. The comedy variety show that joins improv, sketch, stand-up, & you! Jerome has been a mainstay at the Arcade Comedy Theater, producing shows with Warp Zone, Alex O’Jerome, The Justin And Jerome Experience, and JFLE.
Tickets $15 | $10 student rush | Ages 16+

Wear a high quality mask

Arcade Comedy Theater encourages all patrons wear a high-quality mask (N95, KN95, KF94). Not only are these more effective at filtering the air, they are also easier to laugh in!


We currently allow patrons to BYOB (beer or wine only). For a fee of $5, guests are required to use a reusable drinking cup with a straw. The cup is yours to keep, and you can reuse it in the future for a discount!