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Laugh together at home with our live-streaming comedy shows. Check back often, new shows added all the time!

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We want to hear from you! This 10-question survey will help guide our decisions on new procedures, safety measures, and show possibilities. Survey ends July 3.

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Give us your feedback! This short survey will help guide our decisions on new procedures, safety measures, and comedy class possibilities. Survey ends July 9.

Online Shows for Families!

Penny Arcade is streaming! Kids and families can tune in for a brand new live-streaming comedy show featuring silly improv games and at-home activities. Visit the Penny page to download activity sheets, give improv suggestions, and submit videos for Question Monster. 

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New Online Workshops

Arcade Academy is adding online classes and workshops — a great way to learn the art of comedy from the comfort of your own home. New workshops have been added through the end of May!

Online & In-Person Camps

Just announced: We’ve updated our summer camp schedule to include a brand new, 2-day online mini-camp for kids 5-14 this July! We’re also offering an in-person weekend camp for teens in August. Every camp features different activities and exercises tailored to each age group.

Your second-favorite way to watch Arcade shows.

We’re presenting more online streaming comedy than ever before. Instead of searching around for how to watch the latest show, you can now just head over to our new /live page. Refresh the page at the time of the show and like magic, the YouTube Live feed will be right there on the page — or if the show’s on Twitch, we’ll tell you how to get there.

Check out our list of upcoming events, and get ready for /live comedy!

Comedy grows communities.

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Arcade Comedy Theater is Pittsburgh’s only non-profit theater dedicated to comedy, and every dollar you give helps the community stay a positive, funny place. All funds will be used to continue our Arcade Upgrade, enabling us to expand our programming, create more opportunities for a wider range of artists, and continue to keep ticket prices affordable for everyone in Pittsburgh. Thank you again, from all of us at Arcade Comedy Theater.

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COVID-19 Updates

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Arcade Comedy Theater has postponed or canceled all in-person programming and classes.

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