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For over a decade, Arcade Comedy Theater has been working with teams, businesses, and large corporations to harness the creative and morale-boosting power of play. Whether you’re looking for structured workshops, laid-back comedy shows, or something in-between, we’re excited to play with you.

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Interactive Workshops

Funny for Business

Discover how improv skills can make work more fun and productive. For over a decade, our expert instructors have helped teams build skills in communication, collaboration and creativity by saying “yes, and.” 

Our training is modular and can be held at our theater or your business. Bond as a team, learn new brainstorming skills, or get better at talking to each other. 

Our workshops start with some standard recommendations, but you can also consult with our Director of Artistic Programs for something tailored to your group!

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Team Building & Trust Boosting

Revitalize your team dynamics with this two hour workshop. Designed to foster camaraderie and boost morale, this interactive session features games and exercises that break down barriers, enhance trust, and improve communication. The perfect reason to get the team together in person.

Collaboration & Communication

Unblock the language for collaboration: yes, and. This foundational improv skill teaches your team to embrace ideas and co-create in surprising new ways. Say goodbye to brainstorming negativity and hello to momentum-building collaboration that’s inclusive and fun!

Custom Training

Looking for something more specific? We can work with you to design a customized agenda with exercises and improv games that meet your group’s needs. Our lessons are modular and adaptable, and can include:

  • Conflict management and emotional intelligence
  • Divergent brainstorming & design thinking
  • Confidence in communication 
  • Adaptability and change
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Take Over Arcade Comedy Theater for Your Epic Holiday Party!

Laugh, Play, and Celebrate with a Custom Comedy Show

Get ready for an unforgettable holiday party by taking over Arcade Comedy Theater for a night of laughter and fun! Enjoy a private, PG-rated improv comedy show tailored to your company’s quirks and inside jokes, with options for audience participation and professional improv lessons. Our main theater seats up to 100, and you’ll have access to our upstairs lounge and second theater for mingling and dancing. Bring your own food and drinks or let us coordinate everything for you, starting at just $1,000 for weeknight events. Contact us now to book your ultimate Arcade Comedy Theater takeover and make this holiday season truly special!

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The Happiest Hour

An interactive & instructive comedy show!

The perfect way to end your workday: your team can sit back and enjoy a “watch and play” comedy show that teaches lessons of “yes, and” and collaboration through improv games and warm-ups.

Starring a cast of seasoned improv performers, The Happiest Hour is a 90-minute performance that can scale to fit groups as large as 75 people. It can also be paired with catering or drinks in our lounge. 

Sound like fun? Let’s pick a date!

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Events & Rents

Private shows

Become an all-star event planner by inviting an Arcade Comedy Theater production to perform at your next event. We can bring a hilarious, interactive improv show to next fundraiser, banquet, or community event — or if there’s a specific production you love seeing at our theater, we can arrange a private performance. 

Venue Rentals

Arcade is also an affordable and unique venue that you can rent in the heart of the Cultural District. Talk to us about your next board meeting, community event, or office presentation. Our facilities include accessibility accommodations, 5G wireless internet, projections and sound systems, and more.

If you have something in mind, let us know.


“The event will easily go down as one of the best corporate team building events we have participated in.”

Sr Business Process Improvement Analyst

SAP Ariba

The event today went amazing! We really couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

Team Lead

Government Org

“The lessons surrounding teamwork, trust, and communication are fantastic and more fun than some of the professional training I have attended.”


Pittsburgh VA Regional Office

Some of our previous clients include:

  • Google

  • Deloitte

  • SAP Ariba

  • MedExpress

  • Waldron Private Wealth

  • Green Mountain Energy

  • Skucamp

  • Pittsburgh Children’s Museum

  • US Army Corps of Engineers

  • PPG Paints

  • JFCS

  • Gecko Robotics

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been leading trainings and performing private events for over a decade. Our staff knows that every event comes with its own unique set of requirements and expectations. But, here are some of the most common questions we answer, and advice we give, to ensure every event is awesome.

What's the ideal group size for improv training?

We recommend groups of 8-15 people for our standard workshops.  If you have a larger group, we can design something that breaks into smaller groups and rotates or shift from a training workshop toward an interactive performance. 

How much do you charge for private events and workshops?

Our minimum price for standard workshops is $1000 and that is for up to 15 people. 

For larger groups or custom workshop designs, the price may go up to accommodate additional facilitators and space needs.

Private performances allow you to buy out our theater to host a party for up to 80 people with a tailored comedy show.  These events start at $1500 for the basic package (Sunday-Thursday) with additional cost for catering, BYOB, and weekend bookings.



Is this training just about making jokes?

Nope! Improvisation is the process of communicating and interacting without a pre-planned script.

Yes, improv is commonly known for being used to create comedy on stage as a form of entertainment. However, the skills and tactics improvisers use to create successfully funny scenes are almost identical to the skills and tactics that build team trust, help with challenging work situations, and reset your group’s basic communication skills.

One of the benefits of choosing Arcade Comedy Theater for your training is that there are guaranteed moments of laughter. Humor is an important element of all human interaction, especially those who spend a lot of time together at work.

Does everyone have to participate, what if we have shy members of the group?

We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment within our workshops and shows. We aren’t interested in forcing people to be silly — but instead, we find ways to engage with everyone at their pace.

If your entire group is disinterested in participatory exercises, then we are happy to talk about options for a private show instead.

My team has done a corporate improv workshop before, is it worth doing another one?

Improv is different every time. The lessons and foundations of the craft may be consistent, but the Arcade has developed (over the course of a decade) a unique and playful approach that will be fun and engaging even for folks that are on an improv team in their spare time!

What kind of technical requirements do you have for an off-site comedy show?

When we produce a comedy show in an off-venue venue, we typically require stage measurements and a PA system of some kind. In our experience, every venue is different so if you are considering bringing us to you, we’ll be happy to have a planning meeting, do a site visit, or rent additional equipment.

Do you offer discounts for non-profit organizations?

As a non-profit organization, Arcade Comedy Theater understands the unique experience of non-profits. We will do our best to work with you to design for your needs and budget as we can.

Can my team participate in a full class at Arcade?

es, the Arcade Academy is open to the public and your team could choose to take the full 8 week class together. These classes are in the evenings and would include people outside of your team.

If you would like to design a series of classes for your team that will build skills beyond one session, Arcade would be happy to work with you on a tailored training curriculum.

Can I use professional development money from my company to take your classes?

Yes! Arcade is happy to provide receipts or other documentation if your company offers Professional Development funds as part of your benefits package.

If you would like to pursue improv for professional development as a team, check out Arcade’s Powerful Play program.