Arcade Academy

Arcade Comedy Theater Internship Program

Interning is a great option for our Arcade Academy students looking to offset part/all of the cost of tuition, in exchange for volunteering to work at our theater. It is also a unique opportunity to enrich your comedy education, experience the behind the scenes operation of an award winning theater, learn customer-service skills, make professional contacts, and become a more active member in our theater community!

How does it work?

We have two internship options, full and partial. The experience is the same, but there are a few differences:


  • Volunteer to work eighteen (18) shows
  • Pay only a $15 administrative fee


  • Volunteer to work nine (9) shows
  • Pay 1/2 the full price of class tuition + admin fee


  • Receive 1 Arcade staff t-shirt per session you intern, which is yours to keep no matter what!
  • Must attend a mandatory intern orientation
  • Must have ample availability on Friday and Saturday nights
    • While there are a limited number of shows weeknights, Sunday nights, and weekend afternoons, the majority of Arcade programming is on weekend nights.


  • A Friday night typically has 3 shows, at 8, 9, 10. Interns arrive at 7PM (one hour before the first show), stay until approximately 12AM. They have accumulated 3 “intern credits.”
  • A Sunday night typically has 1 show at 7PM. Interns arrive at 6PM and stay until approximately 9PM. They have accumulated 1 “intern credit.”

*these are examples—show schedules vary month to month, and intern shifts vary with them.

“Interning was an invaluable experience for me: not only did it save me money on the class, but it gave me a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how a theater runs. I got to know interns, house and stage managers, performers, and producers so much better throughout my time. Yes, it’s work, but I also got to see a huge variety of hilarious comedy shows!”

— Margaret O, former intern

Intern Responsibilities

Each show at the Arcade is unique and different from the next — the same could be said of our intern experience. Teamwork is the key to making each performance go off as planned. Below is a small sample of what you may have to compete on any given show night:


  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Be open and welcoming
  • Communicate and work well with your fellow interns and house staff
  • Ticket and merch sales in the box office
  • Money handling
  • Ticket scanning
  • Show room set up
  • Ushering
  • Minor janitorial tasks

Additional Info

Once you have signed up for an internship you will be contacted by our General Manager welcoming you to our internship program and to schedule you for your orientation. Please note: if you are unable to complete your internship for any reason, you will owe the full cost of your Arcade class.

If you have any further questions regarding our Internship Program please contact our General Manager, Jason Clark.


Check Out Our Classes

Ready to jump in? Internships are offered for our 8-week classes, which are offered during five sessions throughout the year.