Arcade Improv Auditions

General Auditions November 20, 2022

House teams are back!

Arcade Comedy Theater is holding auditions for a launch of our new house team program on Sunday November 20. After a two-year hiatus, we will be forming four new house teams that will rehearse and perform regularly at Pittsburgh’s original non-profit comedy theater, located in the heart of downtown’s Cultural District. 

In order to register and secure your audition slot, please fill out the form. Space is limited. 

Audition Details: 

Auditions will take place at Arcade Comedy Theater, 943 Liberty Ave in downtown Pittsburgh, on:

  • Sunday, November 20, 2022 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  • Callbacks Monday, November 21, 2022 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Slots start at 12:00PM. Limited street parking is available on Liberty & Penn, as well as some side streets. The Smithfield & Liberty Garage is close-by!

Who can audition?

Arcade auditions are open to any performer with improv comedy experience. Experience at an improv training facility is preferred. If someone is curious about their experience being sufficient, Arcade staff is happy to connect with you before auditions. Note: We are capping auditions at 75 sign-ups, to help manage the event and in recognition of the limited number of available spots.

How to prepare?

Once you fill out the form, we will confirm your actual audition time slot the week of November 14. We will do our best to accommodate time preferences. On the day of auditions, come in comfy clothes that you’re able to move in. You don’t need to bring a headshot or resume.

The Audition

Plan to arrive at Arcade about 10 minutes before your scheduled slot. Auditions run one right after another, so if you arrive late, we may not be able to see you. Please arrive warmed-up and ready to go. There will be no formal, extensive warm-up with the group; we’ll get started with the improv right away. Come focused and ready to show us your A-game — but the most important thing is to relax and know that everyone in the room is rooting for you!


  • Abby Fudor, Managing Artistic Director
  • Nia Johnson, Manager of New Programming
  • Nilesh Shah, Improviser (Irony City), Arcade Board Member
  • Julianne Avolio, Actor/Improviser, Former Game Shark House Team Member
  • Sam Turich, Actor/Improviser, Former Warp Zone Team Coach

Following auditions, Arcade will share the team cast lists. Players have 24 hours to confirm their spot; offers may go out to other auditioners, depending on needs of teams.

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Arcade is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all of our performing artists. Our facilities at 943 Liberty Avenue are designed for wheelchair access both in our audience and on our stages. We also offer all-gender bathrooms and elevator access to all floors. If you have any questions or requests for accommodations, please contact our General Manager, Jason Clark

About the House Team Program

Arcade will be piloting a new version of its house team program following our 2022 auditions:

  • A maximum of four improv House Teams: no more than two short form teams of 8-10 performers and two long form teams of the same size. Long form teams will have two forms they will begin with, the Harold and either Spokane or La Ronde. These teams will last approximately 9-12 months.
  • Rehearsals: House teams will follow a new rehearsal structure that emphasizes weekly team-building rehearsals for the first three months, eventually tapering off to monthly rehearsals in the latter half of the year. Generally, rehearsals will take place on Sundays at Arcade at a time to be determined by the consensus of the team.
  • Performances: To start, House Teams will be expected to perform twice a month, primarily on Friday nights. The timing of these shows may evolve or expand over time. 
  • Dues: None. In this new program, Coaches will be compensated by Arcade Comedy Theater partially from the revenue generated by the house team performances. Performers will not have to pay for coaching or to perform.
Where and when will I rehearse?

Arcade can provide free rehearsal space at the theater (943 Liberty Ave) on Sundays. Teams are free to find or arrange alternate rehearsal space at other days/times should they wish to. Arcade can not assist nor be responsible for any logistics or space issues, should a team rehearse elsewhere.

Do I have to pay my coach?

No, Arcade will compensate House Team Coaches for their time and work. This will allow both Coach and Team to focus on their craft, and remove the burden of managing money between team and coach.

Will I be paid?

No, Arcade will use all revenue from House Team shows and events to offset the cost of paying coaches, putting on shows, rent, utilities, administration of the House Team program, etc.

What if I love the team I’m on and I don’t want Arcade to break it up after a year?

The House Team Program at Arcade is designed to provide improv team opportunities for a large, always evolving, community of improvisers. The priority is individual play, rather than team longevity. That said, we support any team who chooses to “remain together,” in any capacity, independent from the program once auditions come around again. As an “alumni” team, the theater would do its best to support you, with available rehearsal space or show opportunities. First priority will go to our current House Teams.

What if I dislike the team I’m cast on?

Arcade will have many factors to consider when auditioning improvisers and forming teams. It is our goal to create teams that will have a positive, joyful experience and perform well together. House Teams provide an opportunity for improvisers to play with new and different individuals that are not your close friends or selected circle. As such, this improves an individual player’s skill and gives them the opportunity to grow as a performer. Unless there is an issue of personal safety, which would be rectified immediately, we ask teams to enjoy their brief time together and come back to next auditions! Any improviser with express concern over this or specific preferences of who to perform with should consider forming their own independent team.


Clicking the button below will take you to a Google Form you’ll need to complete in order to secure your audition spot.