The Board of Directors is grateful for the generosity displayed by our community for Arcade’s first ever Silent Auction! Thanks to our creative community we have over 25 items valued at $4,865! We are incredibly appreciative of the time and energy everyone gave to make this auction possible! Funds raised through the auction will go towards Arcade Upgrade.

The Silent Auction goes live on tonight, May 4, at 7:30 pm and will close promptly at 7:00 pm on Sunday, May 7, with the winners, announced via Facebook Live at the end of Bonus Stage. You can visit Arcade Comedy Theater’s Facebook Photo Album and browse available auction items. To place a bid, comment with the bid amount on the photo of the item(s) of your choosing. Each new bid from the minimum will should have at least a $10 increase. If you plan to see a show this weekend, you can also place paper bids in person in our lobby and view tangible items that were donated. Paper bids will be updated via Arcade’sFacebook page in as real-time as possible allowing for notifications from Facebook in case you are outbid.

We hope you enjoy the creative and unique offerings of this auction! Thank you for your generosity this week and continued support of the Arcade. We look forward to seeing you at shows soon!

Mary C. Parker

President, Arcade Comedy Theater Board of Directors