A Riveting One-Man Show

Kevin James Doyle is a storyteller and comedian who lives in New York City and is a proud graduate of Point Park University. His debut comedy special, The 30-Year-Old Virgin, is available on Amazon Prime. His follow-up stand-up show, Diary of a Bald Kid, received rave reviews at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and will be released in June. He is returning to Edinburgh Fringe with a new show called After Endgame in August.

After Endgame masterfully combines the strategic nuances of chess with the uproarious comedy of life. Doyle has a wealth of experience teaching over 6500 chess lessons in New York City. In this captivating hour filled with drama and intrigue, Doyle takes the audience on a journey across the world: flown to the vibrant city of Singapore at the behest of a mysterious investor, Doyle found himself imparting chess wisdom to some of the world’s wealthiest individuals. The tension rises as Kevin navigates these high-stakes players, both on and off the chessboard.