Performer Marketing Info

Hey there! So you’re booked to perform at Arcade Comedy Theater? Awesome!

We book a lot of acts, and maintain a bunch of different newspaper listings and calendars. It’s a New Media juggling act. In order to help us keep everything straight, up-to-date, and accurate, we need your help. Please take a second to send our marketing team, Abby Fudor and Mike Rubino, information so that we can sell your show to our fans. We aren’t responsible for every aspect of marketing your show (we don’t, for example, go around town hanging flyers and stuff), but we are happy to help–we love big crowds as much as you do!

If you don’t have some of these things, like a link to a photo of yourself, you can contact Mike or Abby directly and they’ll help you get it all sorted out.

Thanks for your time, and we look forward to having you at Arcade Comedy Theater!