Starting in 2017, Arcade’s Leaderboard will shift from a collective group of volunteers to individuals with specific roles, based on the needs of the organization, donating their time, energy, and expertise to the Arcade. These roles all directly impact the operation of our non-profit organization, as well as its ever-expanding community of artists, audience members, students, and volunteers.

All unfilled positions are open for any individual to apply. If you see a position, filled or not, that’s in your area of interest and you’d like to help out, please see the highlighted box below and give us your information (many positions require any number of volunteers throughout the year). Also, if you have a skill you’d like to contribute, or see a need within the theater that isn’t listed below, reach out to us with your suggestion! We’re always interested in hearing from our community.

All Leaderboard positions are unpaid and volunteer-based. They do however come with perks, including:

  • free admittance, along with one guest, to all shows*
  • free classes*
  • discounts on special events and workshops
  • get-togethers throughout the year
  • first-to-know info about Arcade news and operation

*subject to availability, some exclusions may apply


  • Abby Fudor, Director of Marketing
  • Jethro Nolen, Director of Operations
  • Kristy Nolen, Director of Education
  • Mike Rubino, Director of Programming

Manager of Operations


Job Description: Facility Maintenance: Oversees the overall maintenance and upkeep of the facility, Maintain and purchase inventory (merch, concessions, supplies, etc), Ensures proper staffing is in place and be support to the House Manager and Tech staff.

Reports to: Director of Operations

Technical Advisor


Job Description: Oversees all stage managers, maintains the Arcade “house style” for show production, trains people on how to use the equipment.

Reports to: Director of Programming

Customer Service Manager


Job Description: Serves point-of-sale and customer service needs via phone and in-person contact, manages our ShowClix Box Office system, handles or advises on issues related to customer service, and helps to establish new protocols for customer engagement.

Reports to: Director of Marketing

Intern Manager


Job Description: Trains and schedules interns for work at the box office and within the theater, determines over/under performance, and helps to resolve internship tuition issues.

Reports to: Director of Marketing

Box Office Manager


Job Description: Oversees the organization and operation of the box office, collaborates with intern coordinator to serve point-of-sale and customer service needs, and handles all issues related to customer service and ticket sales

Reports to: Director of Marketing.

Education Coordinator


Job Description: Manages the Arcade Academy students and teachers, helps with the scheduling of classes and education correspondence, helps with check-in of students, and manages the social media components of the Academy

Reports to: Director of Education

Youth Education Coordinator


Job Description: Manages the Arcade Academy kids education wing, including Kids Comedy Camp, and organizes any private/public youth workshops.

Reports to: Director of Education

Improv Coordinator


Job Description: Checks in with house teams and reviews attendance, and attends class shows and Bonus Stage performances, and maintains and updates the Arcade Platform document. 

Reports to: Director of Education

Bonus Stage Producer


Job Description: Creates the monthly schedule for Sunday night & Thursday Bonus Stage shows, oversees house & stage management, and coordinates hosting and special events within the show. Also responsible for hosting and coordinating monthly improv jams and Bonus Stage happy hours. 

Reports to: Director of Programming

Stand-Up Programming Coordinator


Job Description: Works directly with the Director of Programming to negotiate and book stand-up comedy shows at the theater. Fields inquiries for stand-up performance slots, coordinates booking of out-of-town talent, and maintains quality control over monthly and regular performances.

Reports to: Director of Programming

Corporate Coordinator


Job Description: Fields inquiries to the Arcade for corporate or private events/workshops, drafts contracts, ensures all events have a specific ‘producer’ or ‘point person,’ generally oversees Corporate arm for Arcade with attention to talent, marketing (website), and customer satisfaction

Reports to: Director of Operations

Development Manager


Job Description: Manages the Arcade’s philanthropic goals, collaborates with the development committee, and seeks out grants, foundations, and corporate gifts.

Reports to: Director of Operations

Legal Counsel


Job Description: Advises the Arcade on legal matters.

Reports to: Director of Operations



Job Description: Responsible for Arcade promotional & archival photographs, coordinates photos at private/community events

Reports to: Director of Programming

Youth Outreach Coordinator


Job Description: Manages all inquiries, casting, and contracts for any Penny Arcade outside event, such as birthday parties or community events (Children’s Hospital, City of Asylum, etc), collaborates with Youth Education Coordinator

Reports to: Director of Marketing
Position currently unfilled

A/V Editor


Job Description: Downloads, edits, and uploads all show videos recorded at Arcade

Reports to: Director of Programming
Position currently unfilled

Community Liaison


Job Description: Collaborates with Pittsburgh’s organizations and businesses–primarily downtown–including the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, responds to requests for charitable support or group sales (hotels), and organizes marketing events (e.g. Downtown Farmer’s Market)

Reports to: Director of Marketing
Position currently unfilled

Events Coordinator


Job Description: Leads organization on all Arcade Social events (example: Pride, Say Day, Holiday Party, semi-regular happy hour/social events)

Reports to: Director of Marketing
Position currently unfilled

Social Media Manager


Job Description: Creates Facebook events for all upcoming Arcade shows, answers or forwards questions sent to the Arcade Facebook page, updates the Arcade Instagram & Twitter accounts

Reports to: Director of Programming
Position currently unfilled

Individual Giving Coordinator


Job Description: Manages the Arcade’s individual gift giving, collaborates with the development committee, and handles communication to and internal/external recognition of donors

Reports to Director of Operations
Position currently unfilled



Job Description: Responsible for chronicling and cataloguing important artifacts and archives for the theater.

Reports to: Director of Programming
Position currently unfilled

943 Lead


Job Description: A temporary position that will oversee the move to 943 Liberty Ave, including managing volunteers, tracking assets, and coordinating any construction efforts

Reports to: Director of Operations
Position currently unfilled

I Want To Help!

Are you interested in volunteering in one of Arcade’s areas of operation? Is the position filled, or do you not have time to commit to being a Leaderboard member? We’d love to hear from you! While we won’t know the extent of your involvement with the role just yet, it will help the Leaderboard member know who to turn to for future committees and collaborative opportunities.

Is Your Role Missing?

If you are eager to contribute to the Arcade as a Leaderboard member, have an idea of a position not listed here, and think you’re perfect for the job–let us know! Write to Abby Fudor and let her know your suggestion. Include a brief job description, example of duties, and your knowledge/experience in this field. We’ll take any suggestion into consideration; however, Leaderboard roles will be created only if the position has enough actionable tasks throughout the year to warrant a full position.

Leaderboard Position Suggestion

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