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Arcade Comedy Theater & Pittsburgh Public Theater present

Summer Improv Camps
for Kids & Teens

Brand new for the summer!

Arcade Comedy Theater is partnering with our neighbors Pittsburgh Public Theater for summer improv comedy sessions for kids and teens! Pittsburgh Public Theater will be presenting the classes at their facilities as part of their summer sessions with Arcade instructors there to teach awesome improv skills.

About Arcade’s Improv Comedy Sessions

Campers will spend this half-day morning camp embarking on a journey of spontaneity, creativity, and laughter as we dive into the exciting world of improvisation. This session explores the art of improv comedy with exercises and games helping students create spontaneous stage performances. Students will learn the basic skills of improv including agreement and acceptance, building a story collaboratively, creating imagined environments through “object work”, and generating bold and interesting characters. A crucial skill for any well-rounded performer, improv also allows students practice listening skills, creativity, teamwork, and confidence.

Grades 3-6

Improv with Arcade Comedy Theater’s teaching artists in this summer session for students in grades 3 through 6

This camp is offered during the following times:

Grades 7-12

Improv with Arcade Theater’s teaching artists in this summer session for students in grades 7 through 12

This camp is offered twice:

About our Pittsburgh Public Theater

Arcade is thrilled to be partnering with PPT to augment their amazing line-up of summer sessions and camps for kids and adult learners. These camps are being run by Pittsburgh Public Theater. 

The PPT 2024 Summer Sessions span seven weeks and include options for all ages. Summer sessions for grades K-6 begin the week of June 18 and the week of July 16 for grades 7-12. After signing up, you’ll receive an email from PPT with detailed information about the camp and logistics. Email with questions.